Dahled Up Roofing

A roof says a lot about the house and speaks to its upkeep under the surface as well.

If you are noticing missing or broken tiles or are experiencing leaks, mold, or worse, it may be time to replace your roof. The good news is, we will send someone out for a free inspection to see what exactly the problem is. Dahled up Construction will NEVER recommend replacing a roof before its time.

If possible, we will look for the exact issue and give you clear choices for repair and placement and the benefits of each, so you may make an informed decision. Either way, know that you have made a great choice with Dahled Up Roofing!

Roof Replacement

There are many factors to consider when looking to replace your roof such as style of the home, the colors of the potential new roof and the home, and your preferred budget. We offer many different roof styles:

• Composite and Single-ply Membrane Systems
• Tile Style
• Shingle Style
• Gutter Systems

Roof Repair

If your roof has not outlived its lifetime and only select shingles need replacing or small repairs are needed, we can work with you to match your current shingle colors, to ensure flawless repairs that won’t be evident once we’re done. Ask us about your roof today! We service many different styles:

• Composite and Single-ply Membrane Systems
• Tile Replacement
• Shingle Replacement
• Gutter Maintenance

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